"...we are chasing goosebumps."

Justin is a devotee of musical creativity, an artist who effortlessly weaves together the roles of musician, composer, producer, and engineer. With a deep-rooted passion for jazz, he explores uncharted sonic territories, blending traditional elements with avant-garde experimentation. As a jazz musician, Justin utilizes his skills on double bass to create spellbinding rhythms and melodies that elevate those with him on the bandstand, and captivate listeners. As a composer, his compositions are a tricky tapestry of harmony, rhythm, and texture, searching the boundaries of jazz with gravitas and a sense of humor. As a music producer and audio engineer, he masterfully captures and shapes sound, sculpting each note and instrument into a kaleidoscope of aural expression. Justin's sonic landscapes are a fusion of innovation and tradition, digital and analog, a testament to boundless creativity and his unwavering dedication to musical excellence.

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"For me, distortion… I really find distortion interesting, and I’m still exploring it, it’s a really cool thing about humans, and I don’t know what the physics of it are, but distortion does something to us. And it would have been, before having sound systems, it would have been distortion means things are too loud. Whether it was a volcano going off and cracking the air, or whatever can be so loud that it would distort your eardrum, distort the air, it would be a danger signal right? And when we hear distortion you get an adrenalin thing, you mind says Ah! Danger! 

So I really like using that idea, but just in little ways, so you can have something clean and a beautiful sounding scape and then just have one thing in there be that little, 'Danger!' Here’s this little bit of distortion, and you might not even hear it or notice it, you don’t have to be hit over the head with it. I know sometimes I do hit you over the head with this distortion but not always. So really I like to think about that idea about what the distortion does, not just that you’re adding distortion on everything but why are you adding it here, why is it going here, what are you trying to achieve with it." - Tchad Blake