What I do:

My aim is to expand your music: make the lows lower, highs higher, and the stereo width wider, etc. I want to make your music exciting and powerful.

I can work with any genre. I can have a heavy hand or I can be subtle.

I use Analog inspired tools and aesthetics. I have vintage equipment to push the finished mix through to give a final polish, optional. I embrace techniques that are modern, vintage, future, or all three at once. My goal is to make mixes sound unique with a balance of lo-fi and hi-fi techniques to elevate your music.

I come from a music performance background including 20+ years experience performing jazz, symphonic, blues, metal, hip-hop and world musics. I use this experience to help make your music sound fuller, larger than life.

I specialize in Audio Restoration as well. I can help your recordings from most caveats of home recording including clicks, pops,: noise removal.

Contact me to discuss further details.